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The elimination of man-made accidental faults of fresh cutting processing equipment mainly depends on improving the quality of use, management and maintenance personnel and strengthening the sense of responsibility. However, natural faults can only be achieved through adjustment and repair. Generally, there are the following methods:
Generally, the original fitting relationship of the fitting parts is restored by adjusting the bolt tightness or adjusting the shim thickness. During repair, the fitting parts are not processed (or only scraped), but only restored to the original fitting clearance by increasing the shim or adjusting the shim thickness.
During repair, the more valuable parts in the fitting parts are machined to restore their geometric shape, and a new dimension is obtained at the same time. Then, another worn part in the fitting parts is discarded and a new part matched with the processed parts is replaced, so that the fitting clearance of the fitting parts is restored to the initial clearance, such as repairing the shaft and replacing the bearing bush, repairing the cylinder sleeve and replacing the piston, etc. This repair method should consider the possibility that the parts can be machined structurally and the allowable mechanical strength of the parts after repair. On this premise, the repair times should be increased as much as possible; On the other hand, in order to facilitate the supply of spare parts, the repair dimensions shall be standardized.
In this method, each part of the fitting part shall be processed and reshaped, and one of the parts shall be reasonably reduced or reamed, and then a bushing of the same material or higher quality shall be added, which shall be pressed or screwed or welded to the original part with interference, and then processed to the fitting size to make the fitting property meet the requirements.
Before the operation of the processing equipment, place the equipment on the horizontal ground to ensure that the machine is placed stably and reliably; Confirm that the equipment plug is in good contact without looseness or water trace; Check whether there is any foreign matter in the rotating barrel of the processing equipment or on the conveyor belt. If there is any foreign matter, it must be cleaned to avoid tool damage; Operate and adjust the processing equipment, and select the cutting mode according to the dishes to be processed. The centrifugal slicer is used for slicing melon and potato hard dishes. The vertical knife part can process leaf soft dishes or cut slices into various shapes such as blocks, dices and diamonds of different specifications;
When installing the vertical knife, first turn the adjustable eccentric wheel to make the knife rest travel to the bottom dead center, then lift the knife rest upward by 1-2mm, and after the vertical knife contacts the conveyor belt, tighten the nut to fasten the vertical knife to the knife rest. If the lifting height of the knife rest is small, the vegetables may be connected to the knife. If the lifting height of the knife rest is too high, the conveyor belt may be damaged.
The emergence of fresh cutting processing equipment must have solved many problems in the kitchen. It is not only no longer troubled by the troubles caused by cutting vegetables, but also very satisfactory to cut vegetables. Even if it is cleaned, it is also very convenient. For some restaurant owners, owning processing equipment has a lot of benefits. They don't have to worry about cutting vegetables in a hurry to serve them, resulting in uneven dishes, affecting the dishes, and generally improving the efficiency.
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